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Meet Even Eleven, a complete interior design studio founded by Pieter and Michelle. We love creating extraordinary interiors that make a long-lasting impression. Our style is known as modern maximalism, where clean lines effortlessly blend with playful shapes, contemporary designs complement vintage classics, and raw materials meet hand-woven fabrics.


With us, compromise is never an option. We believe in the power of mixing elements to create something truly unique. Join us on a journey where creativity knows no limits. Let Even Eleven transform your space into a stunning sanctuary that reflects your individuality and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who enters. 


Get ready for the unexpected.

"Even Eleven is a paradox that captures the soul of our design ethos. Like the name, which almost aligns yet captivatingly doesn’t, we defy convention and thrive in the world of bold creativity. It is about embracing the eye-catching harmony in the perfectly imperfect and creating spaces that stand out."

- Pieter & Michelle

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